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  1. Horses, Studies & Work

    Horses, Studies & Work


    As usual, all the horses had their annual break from October to December, as we are big believers that they need a break to bring them back stronger next year. All six horses come in overnight then go out in the day, whatever the weather, but are not worked at all. During their break, they all had a lovely massage from my friend, Elle, a visit from the physio, teeth checked and vaccinations to ensure they are super healthy and happy horses. They quite enjoy their holidays although they are always excited when their shoes get put back on and they start their work on the horse walker again.

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  2. New Season, New Pony

    New Season, New Pony


    Harry Hall Junior Rider Robyn Byrne is growing like a mushroom; and learning to adjust.

    Spring is here which can only mean one thing.. it’s cross country season! Hooray! So I’ve started off back into the swing of things with my pony Sophie doing some dressage. Mum says it’s a good to rebuild  our relationship back after a quieter winter and Sophie listening to my leg (I didn’t think legs actually talked!)

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  3. Nothing Fazes Muffin

    Nothing Fazes Muffin


    Harry Hall Junior Rider Cerys Richards has spent the winter getting to know her new loan pony, and using a new kind of goal-based training system

    The winter has been interesting for me and my new loan pony Muffin, and we’ve achieved lots: we’ve done  our first Pony Club sessions, dressage competition and our first BYRDS (British Young Rider Dressage Scheme) camp. They’ve all been fantastic (despite some occasionally miserable weather) and we’re really starting to gel as a partnership now.

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  4. A Horse I'd Like To Clone

    A Horse I'd Like To Clone


    Harry Hall Ambassador Charles Upham is preparing his stud near Dartmoor for the arrival of mares to foal. And as the hunting season draws to a close, he reflects on older horse and rider combination who are made for each other

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  5. Exciting Plans, And One Drama

    Exciting Plans, And One Drama


    Showing rider, riding centre owner and Harry Hall Ambassador Jenna Tyldesley has been breaking a new horse to her side saddle, putting rescue theory into practice and more

    Last year’s showing season finished with some highs and lows. I had qualified Billy (Tudor Minstral) for the ladies side saddle at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS).

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  6. Mixing It Up This Winter

    Mixing It Up This Winter


    Irish Harry Hall Ambassador Jenny Caldwell has been mixing her dressage with experiences of new disciplines this winter. And finding out which kit you simply can’t live without in a wet Irish winter...


    They say time flies when you are having fun, and what an amount of fun we have had in my yard in the last few months. Actor and philosopher Bruce Lee once said “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not and add what is uniquely your own.” 

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  7. Hard Decisions In Winter

    Hard Decisions In Winter


    Harry Hall Junior Rider Katie Ruben has had to make big decisions in order to juggle school work with keeping her pony Pepsi happy and well exercised this winter, but is also working towards her first horse trial... 


    Since my last blog Pepsi and I have been through so many changes.  We finished the season last year on such a high, with Pepsi nice and fit and determined to stay that way as we approached winter. 

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  8. Horse Worry vs Rider Worry

    Horse Worry vs Rider Worry


    Harry Hall Junior Rider Milly Dove describes the exercises shes been using this winter, and recounts how shes coped with the challenge of a powerful new young horse...


    This autumn and winter have been really good for me and my ponies. Tinker has been developing a medium trot and Ella, my new young warmblood, and I have really gelled! Not only that but I've had lots of Harry Hall’s superb products which I have lived in.

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  9. Improve Your Dressage

    Improve Your Dressage


    Some clever lateral thinking has helped Harry Hall Junior Rider Ella Lucas improve her dressage ahead of the new eventing season. And she explains why a jumping competition has had unexpected consequences...


    Hello everyone! In my last blog, I told you about my first season eventing; we had great fun and are officially signed up as full British Eventing (BE) members for 2017!

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