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Horse Grooming Accessories

Browse our wide range of horse grooming accessories and products. Here you'll find a wide variety of grooming mitts, curry combs, plaiting bands and hoof picks.

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Grooming Accessories for Horses

Grooming your horse should be an enjoyable experience – it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your best friend without the pressure of having to squeeze in a ride after work or dash out in between rain showers. Harry Hall are big fans of grooming horses that have been stabled for a long time, this not only breaks up the time they are stabled, but also helps keep their circulation moving. This could be due to the weather, limited turnout or an enforced period of box rest.
The horse grooming accessories available at Harry Hall will help you complete your grooming box so you have every item you need when it comes to grooming your horse. We have a large selection of items, such as grooming mitts, combs, plaiting bands and hoof picks as well as soft brushes, curry combs and sweat scrapers.
If you compete regularly, you’ll be aware that time is of the essence and will want all your grooming accessories together in one place. Having a good comb as well as a never-ending supply of plaiting bands is crucial to perfecting your mane styling, especially when you’re in a rush or nervous about your big day. Harry Hall also have numerous tote bags available. Ideal to store your horse grooming accessories, a tote bag will also help keep your brushes free from dust, hay and shavings that ultimately find their way into your grooming box.