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Horse Tail Guard

Tail guards keep your horses tail clean and tidy whilst traveling.

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  1. Masta Tail Guard Dark Navy
    Masta Tail Guard Dark Navy

    One Club Price £10.47

  2. Masta Tail Guard Black
    Masta Tail Guard Black

    One Club Price £9.99

2 Items

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Tail Guard for Horses

Harry Hall is an online shop where you can buy all your essential horse items. Our horse tail guard collection includes tail guards from well-known brands Cottage Craft and Masta. Our horse tail guards are developed by horse riders for horse riders, we understand your needs and know how important it is to protect your horse when you’re on the move. As well as protecting your horse’s tail, it can help keep it clean and tidy whilst travelling.

Our horse tail guards come in a selection of colours including brown and dark navy with red straps. Masta tail guards are padded for extra comfort and protection. Our tail guards are made from durable outer fabric with an easy clean lining. They have adjustable straps ensuring a quick and easy fit. The adjustable straps help evenly distribute pressure over your horse’s tail ensuring they are kept comfortable on long journeys. We offer a range travelling accessories for your horse to accompany your horse tail guard to ensure your horse is protected and safe while travelling, this range includes including leg wraps, bandages, boots and travel rugs. All our horse tail guards are machine washable and we recommend washing in a Masta rug wash bag to prevent horse hairs and dirt from getting in your washing machine.