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Haylage Nets

Essential for any yard, our haylage nets allow you to control the amount your horse eats. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, our range here at Harry Hall will ensure your horse stays happy and healthy.

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Haylage Nets for Your Horse

Whether your horse is stabled at night, travelling to a competition or on the way to the clinic, it’s important to control the amount of haylage he’s consuming.
Crafted with small holes to ensure the haylage lasts longer, our nets are particularly useful when your horse is stabled overnight, or if you are undertaking a long journey. A handy rope tying system allows you to safely and securely tie up your haylage net. We also recommend tying to a piece of string on a metal loop so that the string breaks first, avoiding an accident.
Haylage nets are suitable for horses in a variety of disciplines, as our design allows you to fill the net based on your horse’s needs. If you are unsure how much haylage should be in your net, we recommend speaking to an equine nutritionist.