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Weymouth Bits

Browse our weymouth horse bits. Here you'll find loose ring weymouth bits, sliding cheek weymooth bits and fixed cheek dressage weymouth bits.

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Weymouth Horse Bits

In the Harry Hall online shop, you can find horse Weymouth bits and bit accessories, for those in the Harry Hall One Club you will save up to 30% off all the bridle and bit accessories that you see below. In our Weymouth bit range you’ll find loose ring, sliding cheek and fixed cheek bits. The loose ring jointed Weymouth bit has a single joint which creates a nutcracker action within the mouth and so is more severe than a French link or lozenge. This type of bit is useful for horses who like some movement within the mouthpiece with the small ring of the Weymouth Bradoon bit being good for horse and ponies with small heads.
The Cottage Craft brand is part of the Harry Hall family and is well known for everyday tack box essentials including horse bit accessories as well as Weymouth bits. We have a wide selection of sizes available, so you’ll be sure to find something that is right for your horse. If you’re unsure which Weymouth bit would suit your horse do not hesitate to give the customer service team at Harry Hall.com a call or talk to us on live web chat. The team at Harry Hall are a collective of horse loving individuals who are always on hand to answer your queries.