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Harry Hall Vet Fee Insurance Terms and Conditions

  • Cover is provided for accidental external injury only; injury caused by accidental, violent and visible means where your horse has a visible external wound excluding strains of tendons and ligaments. 
  • A limit of £1,500 per claim and in the aggregate.
  • Cover is provided for a maximum of two horses which you own or have on full loan.
  • An excess of £165 applies to each and every claim.
  • The policy excludes horses less than 30 days old.
  • Use of the horse for following activities are permitted under the policy; Retired, Companion animals kept at grass, Stores; Broodmares, Hacking, Long distance, Horse agility Gymkhanas; Unaffiliated dressage, Jump cross, Showing in-hand and under saddle, Stallions kept for stud duties, Activities organised by a recognised pony club or riding club, Unaffiliated showjumping, Private driving, Trec, Vaulting, Western Riding, Scurry Driving and Hunting


  • Following death of the horse as a result of an accidental external injury, the policy will pay the costs of disposal fees and euthanasia charges up to a maximum of £300.


  • Cover is provided for the market value of saddlery and tack that has been lost, stolen or destroyed owned by you up to the value of £1,000.
  • An excess of £200 applies to each and every claim. 
  • Saddlery and Tack must be stored in a locked building, and cover for theft shall only apply if visible and violent force was used to enter the locked building.  

You have 14 days from receiving the policy to write confirming that you do not wish to continue. No charge will be made and any premium which has already been paid will be returned in full minus the administration fee, providing you have not made any claims under the policy. There is no right to cancel following the cooling off period, however you are required to notify us if you no longer own or have the horse on full loan.

 Policy Wording ( click here to download policy wording which contains terms and conditions )