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We know you love riding. It’s good for the body, mind and soul– but by nature, it's not without risk, especially on today's busy roads.
With the Harry Hall Riding App you're not alone.

The Harry Hall Riding App

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Fall Safety


TRACK AND ANALYSE: Capture distance, elevation and speed

Record & share your rides on the Harry Hall Riding App. The App is a dedicated equestrian social media platform. Like your favourite sites but completely horsey! All for free and ad-free. Add pictures & videos to your rides. As well as sharing all your equine moments and see those of your friends.

SAFERIDE: If you fall you're not alone

Feel safer whilst out riding with SafeRide in your pocket. The ‘SafeRide’ feature detects falls and lets your nominated contacts and loved ones know if you have had an accident and your location, via text message.

Ride and explore safely with live tracking. Whilst out hacking the ‘LiveRide’ feature can share your location in real-time with nominated friends and followers.

86% of riders surveyed ride out alone. SafeRide alerts your nominated contact of your exact location should the worst happen.

Harry Hall Member Survey, 2020

MY PROFILE: Build a profile for you and your horse

Create your own profile to share with the Harry Hall Riding App community. With your rides, pictures and videos automatically added to your activity feed, your Harry Hall Riding App profile allows you to share all your equine achievements with your friends and followers. Don’t forget to follow other equestrians, horses and professional’s profiles and see all their equine activities.

MY WALLET: Everything you need in one place

Create Horse Profiles and manage your equestrian admin with Stable Management. This gives you an equine diary where you can add automatic reminders for vaccinations, worming, farrier visits and other important events, and maintain a digital record all easily accessible and one place. Keep the details of your farrier, veterinarian and other service providers.

  • Take proof of your One Club membership cover with you to events and access all your insurance policy documents from your app profile.
  • Find app-exclusive equestrian shopping offers in your profile documents.
  • Keep all your horse's important information in your pocket for whenever you might need.


SHOPPING: Shop exclusive discounts across hundreds of products

One Club members enjoy year-round savings from our online horse-riding shop which is also available in the app. Don't forget to check your One Club wallet for extra po

Looking for your One Club documents?

Take proof of your One Club membership cover with you to events and access all your insurance policy documents from your app profile.

Head to Help & FAQs for more information.

No other Horse Riding Tracker will offer safety alert features for less than we do

Find the help and support you need

With our app we are bringing Harry Hall into the modern world and helping to reduce paper wastage. We know technology isn't without it's gremlins though, which