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  • 10 Signs You're Dating A Rider


    They're the love of your life, but you're not theres. Because they have their horse. And now you come to think of it they seem to have a lot of strange quirks which you've accepted without quite understanding. So read on to see how many of these you recognise and how many you wish you didn't. Here's 10 signs you're dating an equestrian...

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  • Equestrian Language


    As an equestrian, it’s easy to end up in our own little world, completely oblivious to anyone who may not be as horse fanatical as us. But it’s important to remember that not everything we say makes total sense to everyone else. As it turns out, we seem to have developed an entirely new language, which we don’t remember learning, but seem to speak fluently without even noticing. So here are 10 words which mean something totally different to so called ‘normal’ people... 

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