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One Club Membership

Inspired by you. Affordable public liability insurance plus year-round discounts on the products you love.

Horse Insurance

Here for you when you need us the most. Vet fees, colic, trailer, tack and disposal insurance at Harry Hall.

Big Equestrian Brands

Trusted by you and your horse. The biggest equestrian brands at the best prices on next day delivery.


Meet International Dressage Rider & Trainer Steph Croxford

Steph Croxford and Mr. President rewrote the rules of dressage, we had a sit down with Steph and met the woman behind the trot.


Make sure your horse is wrapped up safe and warm this winter

Wondering what weight rug your horse needs? We've put together a comprehensive guide - whether your horse is stabled or turned out, clipped or unclipped, no matter the weather - we have your answer here.

Harry Hall have been helping horse owners for over 100 years. We’re horse owners and riders who understand that this is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

The Harry Hall One Club is a supportive community, solving practical and real problems for horse owners and riders through insurance, products and membership. It's our mission to make horse ownership as affordable as possible and in our community members are rewarded for shopping with us - find out more about the Harry Hall One Club and the horse insurance products we offer (including vet fees, colic and trailer cover.)

Harry Hall is your one-stop-equestrian-shop home to well-known equestrian brands Masta, Protechmasta, Caldene, Tottie, Cottage Craft and Mastacare. Our brands offer great value as well as durability. At Harry Hall you can find horse rugs, stable essentials, rider wear and everything in between. Don't miss out on big savings on great equestrian brands all year round at HarryHall.com.

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Get informed with the hub's helpful blogs, podcasts and videos on everything from horse health to money-saving tips.