NuuMed - Saddlepads & Numnahs

The Nuumed numnahs are smart and extremely lightweight making them ideal for use at home, at shows or at training clinics. The natural fibres of the wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies making this numnah a popular choice. The versatile Nuumed wool half pad is also available at Harry Hall and is designed to provide horses with sensitive backs an extra level of support under the saddle. Wool is known for its ability to absorb moisture so you can ride, train and compete your horse safe in the knowledge they will be dry and cool under the saddle. Harry Hall are also pleased to stock the half wool saddle pad with collars and the three-pocket half shimmy pad. The three-pocket shimmy pad from Nuumed includes 12 shims in total which can be moved around the pockets in the numnah to help you add support under the saddle where it’s needed. The Nuumed shimmy pad is ideal for horses changing shape or if you use one saddle on multiple horses. For further information on which Nuumed saddle pad or numnah would be right for your horse, please contact the customer service team on 01274 711 100. All the Nuumed saddle pads and numnahs available at Harry Hall are machine washable. One Club members save more on NuuMed saddle pads - find out more about the One Club here.

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