Stable Rugs

Our horse stable rugs have a range of designs, colours, sizes and weights with different neck options. Perfect for all temperatures, from the lightweight 100g stable rugs to our heavyweight rugs for the cold days and our therapy stable rugs in the Protechmasta range.

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Horse Stable Rugs

You’ll find a range of stable rugs available in different designs, colours and weights allowing you to pick the perfect rug for your horse, with something for every season choose from lightweight, medium weight or heavyweight rugs. Browse our standard neck or a fixed neck stable rugs for extra protection and warmth.

Our horse stable rugs combine the finest fabrics to ensure your horses comfort comes first in the stable. When the weather starts to change our horses can spend more time in horse rugs which is why our Stablemasta rugs is one of our most popular designs. Its innovative dome neck design helps to reduce mane loss, something every horse owner wants to prevent!

Shine enhancing lining for a healthy coat and easy to use fastenings are all added benefits you’ll find when browsing our range of stable rugs. Choose from 100g-400g fill stable rugs all with lightweight and lofty fill which traps heat but highly breathable, creating the perfect temperature for your horse.

The horse rug brands you love

A company with 30 years of experience in creating stable rugs, Masta’s products are designed to perform and last. Each combines aesthetically pleasing design with technology to enhance performance and ensure durability.

What weight stable rug should I use?

The weight-specific rug you need will be dependent on the weather conditions alongside your horse. Make sure to read our over rugging guide here for practical adivce.

When or why do I need to use a heavyweight stable rug?

Heavyweight rugs are neccasary in harsh winters and are used to help your horse maintain a healthy temperature.

Do clipped stable horses need rugs?

Rugs become even more important if your horse has been clipped as they have had their natural thermal layer removed, making it harder for them to keep a healthy temperature.

Can you use a turnout rug in a stable?

Whilst turnout rugs are designed to be used outdoors, they are no longer required to be taken off whilst in stables now as technological breakthroughs have allowed the implementation of lightweight and breathable turnout rugs.

Does a stable rug need to be water resistant?

A stable rug does not need to be waterproof as they are created for indoor use, meaning their purpose is to help horses keep warm rather than needing to keep them dry aswell.

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