Shampoo, Coat Care & Show Preparation

At Harry Hall we are proud of our very own Mastacare range which has all the essentials you need for maintaining your horses skin and coat and in preparation for a show. This range includes horse shampoo’s, hoof oils, mane and tail shampoo and sprays including fly and pig oil. The type of shampoo you use on your horse will depend on their coat, skin, colour and breed type which is why we have also teamed up with popular brands such as NAF, Carr & Day & Martin and Hilton Herbs to bring you the best skin care and horse shampoo on the market.

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Horse Shampoo and Conditioner

Any horse owner knows that having horse hair shampoo to hand all year round is essential. You never quite know when your horse is going to decide to roll in a big pile of mud, or decide to use piles of poo in the stable as a pillow. This is particularly true if you own a grey or light coloured horse; having spent hours bathing them ready for a show the next day, only to arrive at the yard in the morning to find your efforts have been in vain, and a second bath is required with buckets of horse shampoo before you can even contemplate leaving the yard.
In our range we have four different types of horse hair shampoo. The grooming box essential we would recommend is dry shampoo. This is perfect for last minute adjustments before you enter the show ring and helps keep white socks gleaming. We also offer a range of herbal horse shampoos made from natural ingredients. These horse shampoos provide a deep cleaning, antifungal wash which will leave your horse’s hair clean and conditioned.
Next time you buy horse shampoo and conditioner from Harry Hall, we recommend doubling up as you just never know when you’re going to need it the most!

Coat, Mane and Tail Care Products

Before any show, competition or event you want to make sure your horse is looking their very best. You spend hours cleaning your tack, preparing your own equipment and training for the big day, and it’s true that if you feel the part you will act the part.
Harry Hall understand the dedication and time spent preparing for competitions and because of that, we have developed a superb horse mane and tail care range to help you groom your horse for the main event.
The extensive range includes herbal horse lotion, coat gloss spray as well as dry shampoo and show white powder, ideal for those last minute finishing touches as you’re about to step into the ring.

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