Turnout Rugs

Our wide collection of horse turnout rugs is carefully designed to offer your horse the ultimate protection come rain or shine. We have super lightweight turnout rugs and breathable mediumweight turnout rugs for mild spring days and cosy heavyweight turnout rugs to help protect and care for your horse in the coldest of rain and wind. 

Find the right turnout rug for your horse, foal or pony below; whether a fixed neck, standard neck or a rug with a detachable neck cover for added versatility.

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Horse Turnout Rugs

Find the right turnout rug for your horse, pony or foal whatever the season. We have a selection of lightweight turnout rugs for the spring summer showers through to the depths of winter with cosy medium weight and heavy weight turnout rugs for the ultimate cold weather protection.  In a variety of styles and designs to suit all shapes and sizes, fixed neck designs for optimum coverage, standard neck options or turnout rugs with a detachable neck cover for added versatility throughout the season.

What’s a turnout rug and when is it needed?

Turnout rugs are specially designed to withstand the outdoor elements whilst your horse is enjoying time in the field or paddock. They give added protection from both wet and cold weather all year round. These rugs are more frequently used in the colder months or when wet weather is forecast. Turnout rugs come in a variety of weights of polyfilling so that varying amounts of warmth and protection from the cold wet weather can be achieved. 

Turnout rugs are made with waterproof and breathable materials that are specially made to keep the rain and wind out, while still allowing sweat and moisture to escape. They come in different thicknesses, which makes them versatile enough to use in a range of temperatures. Turnout rugs are quite different from other horse rugs such as stable and fly rugs. The materials used in their construction are different. Turnout rugs are designed to be waterproof, whereas stable rugs are made to provide warmth. Fly rugs, on the other hand, are designed to provide protection from insects. 

Why should you use a turnout rug?

Turnout rugs are popular among horse owners as they’re great at keeping your horse warm and protected from the elements. A turnout rug offers several benefits for horses, such as providing insulation, protection from the rain and wind, and the added bonus of helping to keep your horse clean. Due to their versatility, turnout rugs can be used all year around. 

For those milder summer days or horses that do not need too much extra warmth a lightweight option can be ideal as lightweight turnout rugs come from 0g of filling to 150g. 

For the cooler autumn days or horses who need a little more warmth a mediumweight option rug may be a better option, with filling ranging from 150g to 300g.

Finally, those horses requiring extra warmth or for the extremes of winter months a heavyweight turnout rug can be used, these start from 300g upwards. Turnout rugs have durable weather resistant fabric that is weatherproof, usually fully waterproof and breathable to give ultimate protection from the elements. 

The benefits of using a turnout rug aren't limited to horses; ponies can benefit from them as well. As ponies tend to have a thicker coat, they may not need a thick rug like a horse. Still, a lighter turnout rug can be beneficial in protecting them from rain, wind, and cold temperatures.

Turnout rugs are required especially in horses or ponies that have been clipped and are going to be out in the field as they will have lost the hair that gave them natural protection and warmth. Some horses and ponies will not require a turnout rug if they have a good natural coat and are able to regulate their temperature themselves whilst out in the element’s.

As a horse owner you are able to decide what protection your horse or pony may require depending on breed, weight condition as well as workload and choose accordingly. For more info on how to properly rug your horse, check out our horse rug guide.

What to look out for in a turnout rug?

Turnout rugs are an essential part of a horse's wardrobe all year round. It helps to keep your horse dry, warm, and comfortable. With the range of different options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right turnout rug for your horse. Read on to learn what you should look out for in a turnout rug and what materials you should avoid.

Most turnout rugs are made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. The synthetic materials are ideal for horse rugs as they are waterproof, breathable, and durable. Some horse rugs may have a layer of fill or padding to provide additional insulation. It's important to check the weight of the fill or padding as it determines the warmth of the rug. 

The ability of rug to allow perspiration to escape is as important as not letting water in, especially if your horse plans on doing anything energetic whilst in the field! Sometimes the lining of the rug can feel/look damp as though their waterproof rug has ‘leaked’ when in fact it’s perspiration from inside they are feeling. This is more common in the summer months when horses are warmer, temperatures are higher and humidity may be also high. 

Lightweight, Medium Weight and Heavyweight turnout rugs

Turnout rugs come in different weights, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. The weight of the rug is determined by the amount of fill or padding, and it affects the level of warmth provided. Here are the different types of turnout rugs available:

Lightweight turnout rug - A lightweight turnout rug has little or no fill, making it ideal for mild weather or during spring and autumn.

Medium weight turnout rug - A medium weight turnout rug has between 150g to 250g of filling. It’s ideal for autumn or horses who need more warmth.

Heavyweight turnout rug - A heavyweight turnout rug is made of durable weather resistant fabric that is weatherproof. Perfect for cold and wet winter days.

What weight are turnout rugs? Check out the table below 

 Lightweight turnout rugs  Medium weight turnout rugs  Heavyweight turnout rugs

 0g turnout rug
 50g turnout rug
 100g turnout rug 

 150g turnout rug
 200g turnout rug
 250g turnout rug
 300g turnout rug
 350g turnout rug
 400g turnout rug

Those styles that feature fully taped or sealed seams will give ultimate protection from wet weather penetrating the rugs seams. Rugs that feature a full neck design or combo neck are best used for ultimate protection and on horses that feel the cold and require full coverage from the element’s.

For those horses that may not need so much coverage a standard neck or detachable neck design is best used for more versatility when seasons and weather conditions change. Most options come with a tail flap as standard to give added coverage to the back of the horse and help prevent drafts from going under the back of the rug. 

How to measure a horse for a horse rug

Before buying a turnout rug, you should take accurate measurements of your horse to ensure that the rug fits properly. Here are the steps to measure your horse for a horse rug:

What you’ll need:

  • A soft measuring tape (a fabric or flexible tape measure is best) 
  • A helper to assist in keeping the horse still and holding the tape measure.


  1. Prepare your horse: ensure your horse is standing squarely on a level surface.  A well-lit area is preferable where you can easily access all parts of the body.
  2. Measure the length: using the soft tape measure start at the center of the chest and measure straight back to the point of the buttock, just where the tail starts. Make sure the tape measure is flat against the body, following the contours.
  3. Measure the drop: measure the centre of the horse’s chest, down the side and over the point of the shoulder to where the rug should end - this is called the “drop”. It should give you an idea of how far down the rug should come on both sides. Measuring the drop will ensure the horse rug covers your horse’s sides properly. 
  4. Measure the neck (optional): if you’re buying a combo horse rug with a neck cover or hood, you will need to measure the horse’s neck too.  Start by measuring from the centre of the chest over the withers to where the rug should end at the base of the mane. 
  5. Write down the measurements: write down the measurements you’ve taken and double check they’re accurate before placing your order. 
  6. Select the appropriate size: Use your measurements to find the correct size in the manufacturer's size chart. 

This measurement should take into account the width of your horse — sometimes a very wide horse requires a bigger rug than is suggested just by its height.  If your horse is between rug sizes then remember to take the time of year, age and horse’s work load into consideration. Read our guide for more information.

How do you know if the horse rug fits properly?

A well-fitting turnout rug should fit snugly around the horse's neck and shoulders, with no gaps or sagging around the back. The rug should not be too tight as it can restrict movement, but it should not be too loose as it can get caught on fences or trees. It is important to check the length of the rug as a rug that is too short can be too tight on the chest and cause rubbing. A rug that is too long and hanging off the end of the horse can also cause issues as this will cause the rug to pull and also may rub the horse. A poorly fitting rug can cause discomfort, rub marks, and chaffing.

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