Turnout Rugs

Our wide collection of horse turnout rugs is carefully designed to offer your horse the ultimate protection come rain or shine. We have super lightweight turnout rugs and breathable mediumweight turnout rugs for mild spring days and cosy heavyweight turnout rugs to help protect and care for your horse in the coldest of rain and wind. 

Find the right turnout rug for your horse, foal or pony below; whether a fixed neck, standard neck or a rug with a detachable neck cover for added versatility.

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Horse Turnout Rugs

Masta turnout horse rugs are unrivalled in durability, comfort and style. An essential piece of horse equipment and available in several colours, sizes and designs to ensure your horse is protected from whatever the British weather has in store.

A turnout rug for every season

Our range of turnout rugs for horses means you can find a design for every season. The latest waterproof and breathable fabrics are used for unparalleled comfort, giving you peace of mind your horse is happy whilst out in the elements.

The Masta collection not only protects your horse from the weather, including heavy rain, but also includes technology which promotes a shiny, healthy coat underneath. The Masta Vento Lightweight Standard turnout rug combines an anti-rub lining to promote a clean and shiny coat with a fully waterproof design to protect from the weather, as well as offering breathability with durable taped seams.

What weight are turnout rugs?

Lightweight Mediumweight Heavyweight
0g turnout rug
50g turnout rug
100g turnout rug 
150g turnout rug
200g turnout rug
250g turnout rug
300g turnout rug
350g turnout rug
400g turnout rug


Features designed for horse owners

Easy to use fastenings are an exquisite feature of Masta's horse turnout rugs. Twin front fastenings and fillet string with D ring for optional leg straps are worth looking out for on many designs.

The Masta horse rug range promotes unrivalled durability and breathability, but doesn’t forget to be aesthetically pleasing enough to make other horses jealous!

Looking for advice from fellow friendly horse lovers? Make sure to give our customer service team a call on 01274 711011.

What weight is a medium turnout rug?

Medium turnout rugs weigh approximately 200g and are a perfect fit for horses that aren't clipped.

Can you put a turnout rug on a wet horse?

Turnout rugs are now more breathable than ever but you should attempt to towel dry your horse as much as possible before putting a turnout rug onto them.

What is a combo turnout rug?

A combo has a neck rug permanently sewn to the rug itself, meaning you have no need to de-attach your horses rug to attachments.

Can you put a cooler rug under a turnout rug?

You can place cooler rugs underneath a turnout coat due to how breathable they are, this will help prevent chills as they cool down from exercise.

Can you use a turnout rug in a stable?

Due to technological advancements, turnout rugs no longer need to be taken off inside due to how breathable, lightweight and comfortable they are for the horse.

How do I clean a turnout rug?

Remove all excess dirt and sweat with a damp sponge or cloth, hand wash your rug with non-biological washing up liquid at a cool temperature before leaving to drip dry.

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