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We at Harry Hall understand the need for comfortable well-fitting bridles for both the horse and rider. No matter what discipline we have a variation of anatomical bridles to suit ranging from a grackle bridle, cavesson bridle, flash bridle as well as luxury accessories such as bridle bags and browbands.

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Bridles for Horses & Ponies

Our horse bridles come in black or brown and are crafted from supple yet durable leather. The designs on offer include grackle bridles, crank bridles, flash noseband bridles, cambridge bridles, lincoln bridles, in-hand bridles, oxford bridles, snaffle bridles, double bridles and westminster bridles. All the fastenings on the Cottage Craft horse bridles are adjustable with a stainless steel buckle or hook and eyelet fastenings.

Whether you’re looking to buy an entire bridle or build your own, we have everything you need at Harry Hall. Some of our bridles offer a comfort headpiece. These have a wider headpiece ensuring pressure is spread over a larger surface area behind your horse’s ears and thus eradicating any problem pressure points. The team at Harry Hall will be more than happy to help should you have any questions regarding which of our bridles would best suit your horse and your needs.

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