Personalised Riding Clothing

Created by Harry Hall, personalised by you! Create embroidered or printed women's, men's or kid's riding wear in just a few clicks. Select a product from the options below, click 'personalise this product' and start creating customised equestrian clothing.

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Personalised & Embroidered Equestrian Clothing

>Introducing embroidered equestrian clothing for horse riders by Harry Hall. We’re pleased to introduce our range of rider and horse wear that can be personalised to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re preparing for a show, a camp or a competition, you can look and feel the part in personalised horse wear.

Select from a range of products including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and yard blousons, then add a personal touch by embroidering it with your name, riding club or horse name – the choice is yours! With a selection of fonts and colours, you’re spoilt for choice with personalisation at Harry Hall. A dynamic preview lets you see how your individual additions will look on your chosen item of equestrian clothing. With a turnaround time of under 10 days, your item will be with you in no time!

All our horse riding products are personalised in the UK to a high spec and no item leaves the building without an intense quality check, so you can order your personalised horse wear product safe in the knowledge that it will arrive quickly and ready for use. For more information on the personalisation service available at Harry Hall please contact our customer service team on 01274 711 100 or email

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