Competition Legwear

There is nothing quite like the feel of quality riding legwear. We know that when you’re competing comfort, endurance and high-quality materials are your top priorities

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  1. Cavallo Luca Grip Riding Leggings Cavallo Luca Grip Riding Leggings
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Competition Riding Breeches for Women

Few items of equestrian clothing take as much thought as your competition breeches. No item of clothing can distract you quite as much as a pair of breeches that you don’t feel fit well, grip well, or don’t make you look your best.
Since they are generally white, cream, corn or another pale colour, there’s a danger they can show every physical imperfection, but we also need them to offer total security and comfort while you concentrate on giving your very best in competition.

Harry Hall’s range is therefore impressive - we own a range of brands including Caldene and Tottie. We have all kinds of colours, features, cuts and weights of competition breeches available for ladies as you can see here. Hopefully you can find the exact colour you need to complement your jacket and horse. If you need belt loops, zip pockets, self-fabric seats or silicone, we can help!
And since no one manages to keep show breeches in mint condition forever — and there’s the regular gauntlet to run with boot polish, hoof oil and studs — few places offer women’s show competition breeches at such competitive prices. Members of the Harry Hall One Club can buy all our brands with up to 30% off, all year round. 

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