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Comfortable, fun and stylish, Harry Hall’s equestrian sock and accessories range includes styles to suit all tastes. This fantastic range includes novelty, lounge and long riding socks. Our cleverly designed horse riding socks use ergonomic fabric for added comfort.

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Riding Socks for Women

They may say “no foot, no horse” but the same goes for riders too. We at Harry Hall know how important the right socks are for anyone who rides, spends time in the country, or has to visit the yard each day.

Losing the feeling in your toes or struggling with “bald heel” or “slipping sock” syndrome is never a great way to start the day. We have durable, stylish and novelty riding socks for everyone - many of them designed with the specific needs of riders in mind, who often like to wear long socks over breeches or jodhpurs.

We have horse riding socks made with exactly this job in mind, from shorter socks that sit under or over your breeches or trousers, to luxurious lounge socks intended to be worn just on their own during a cosy night in. Our riding socks include features ranging from breathable waffle uppers, slim upper leg materials, to soft touch fluffy finishes if that’s more your style. From the yard to the fireside, we have equestrian socks you’ll love all day long.

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