Grooming Kits, Brushes & Combs

At Harry Hall we understand as horse owners ourselves the importance of grooming and how often a horse should be brushed. The reasons to groom are much more than just cleaning your horse, it helps them relax and can act as a massage before and after exercise. Harry Hall has all the contents you need in your horses grooming kit such as face and body horse brushes and our Cottage Craft goat hair brush which is a good horse brush for enhancing coat shine.

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Brushes for Horses

Harry Hall is the brand you bought when you got your first pair of jodhpurs; it’s the brand associated with quality and good value that boasts an extensive range of riding jackets, horse rugs, boots and horse grooming brushes.
To make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for, we have a variety of horse brush sets available for every type of horse and for every occasion. Complete your tack box with a face brush, body brush, mane and tail brush as well as a selection of our grooming products.
The horse brushes at Harry Hall come in an array of colours and styles to suit your personal taste. We have wooden handle brushes coated in stylish fabrics which are ideal for your show box. There are also everyday brushes available which are perfect for removing stains or mud from your horse’s coat.
The everyday horse grooming brushes have been designed to allow a sturdy grip around the handle. The different colour options of our horse brushes mean you’ll be able to spot your brush at the yard if it happens to escape from your grooming box! Why not treat yourself to a handy grooming bag to keep all your essential horse brush sets in one easy-to-find place?

Grooming Kits for Horses

If you spend time picking shavings, straw and hay out of your grooming box and the bristles on your brushes then look no further than a horse grooming kit from Harry Hall. A well-stocked horse grooming kit is essential for everyday use as well as in the competition environment, and a tote bag will help you keep all your grooming essentials in one place. The Caldene tote bag is made from durable material, making it perfect when travelling to training and shows with your horse. It will also keep the horse brushes inside clean and ready to use thanks to draw string closings.

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