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View our range of horse rug accessories to prolong the life of your favourite horse rugs and keep them clean.

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Horse Rug Accessories and Repair

The Masta range of horse rug accessories will help prolong the life of your horse rugs and ensure your horse stays warm and dry in the Masta rug for longer. Our range includes a horse rug wash bag to stop dreaded horse hairs getting stuck in the washing machine, your other half will most definitely thank you for this! The horse rug accessory range also includes antibacterial rug wash, chest expander, elastic leg straps, webbed leg straps, one click fasteners and front clips.

Masta horse rugs are made to be durable and robust, it’s sometimes unavoidable that your horse pulls off a clip, or loses a leg strap, we’ll happily send out any items you need to replace with our next day delivery service if ordered before 2pm on a Thursday you won’t have to wait long to get your rug on the road again. Horse rug accessories and rug repair essentials are good to keep in your tack locker for when you need them the most. We recommend having horse rug accessories spare and on hand in times of horse rug emergency. The horse rug chest expander is a good horse rug accessory if you have horses of different shapes and sizes.

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