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Whether you need a fleece horse rug to give them a little extra warmth in the stable, or keep your horse comfortable during the warmer months, our horse cooler rugs are an essential addition to every horse’s wardrobe.  

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Horse Cooler Rugs

Masta horse cooler rugs can be used during day or night, are ideal for keeping your horse cool during the warmer months and come in handy in a variety of situations. They are ideal to use when your horse is travelling to keep their temperature regulated as well as acting as a coat protector against dust and flies.

These rugs are also great to use after exercise as they can prevent chills on sweating horses as they cool down – we’ve all seen the scene in Black Beauty where the groom didn’t put on a cooling rug! Masta’s range have been designed to prevent overheating as they regulate your horse’s temperature, allowing air to circulate and ensuring they remain comfortable.

The well-known Masta Coolmasta rug is great for use after bathing, exercise or during travelling. This is made from specially woven micro airmesh fabric which helps to wick away moisture effectively. We also stock Masta horse show rugs and pony show rugs that are stylish and practical, complete with matching bandages for a coordinated look.

Our collection comes in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, so you can find the right one for your horses.

Horse Fleece Rugs

Our extensive horse fleece rugs’ collection has been designed by horse experts, Masta. As horse owners, they have been designing products for over 30 years and understand the needs of both horses and riders. We have worked hard to bring you a large range of rugs, suitable for both horses and ponies. You’ll find over 25 horse fleece rugs in our selection in a choice of colours, which are sure to suit your horse no matter what your needs.

Manufactured to help with your horse’s temperature regulation, the Masta horse fleece rugs are designed to wick away moisture to further ensure protection, while also offering hygienic properties. They are ideal for use after exercise, after a bath or as an additional warming layer for your horse.

Select from Masta horse fleece rugs with adjustable front and belly fastenings that can be altered for the perfect fit. Additionally, these rugs can be machine washed and come in a full range of sizes, from pony fleece rugs to full size. The Masta rug washbag is perfect for stopping hairs getting in your washing machine, ideal for keeping the other half happy!

When should I use a fleece horse rug?

A fleece horse rug is always useful, but which specific type of fleece horse rug is weather-dependant.

How do I clean a fleece horse rug?

To ensure quality for a longer period of time, please remove all excess dirt before hand washing the rug at a cool temperature using non-biological washing up liquid, before leaving to air dry.

What are fleece rugs for?

Fleece rugs are an incredibly useful tool in helping you ensure the well-being of your horse, they are able to be used to keep your horse wamer or cooler depening on the weather, whilst also keeping your horse dry if neccasary.

How warm should a horse feel under a fleece rug?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, it is dependant on the weather conditions where your horse is alongside what fleece your horse is wearing.

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