Riding Hats

Our horse riding hats and helmets come in a range of colours and styles and can be fitted with our colourful hat silks to make you stand out from the crowd.

Choose from womens, adults or kids helmets in the filter bar.

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Women's Horse Riding Hats

Every rider knows how utterly indispensable a well-made riding hat is: you just never know when it could save your life. As you’d expect, a leading online tack store like Harry Hall has a range of brilliant women’s horse riding hats for sale in different styles, with all of them meeting the latest British safety standards.

Whether you want a great value, safe, smart or colourful Harry Hall Legend; a more traditional looking, velvet covered hat for the show ring; or a top of the range continental hat perfect for show jumping, check out our range first. Our hats come with a whole range of features such as ventilation panels, removable and washable liners, free carry bags and so on. And time and again we hear from riders about how our women’s riding helmets have saved them from serious injury.

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