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Welcome to the Harry Hall hub! We are so glad you are here. This is a friendly space to explore seasonal blogs, podcasts and videos on everything from horse health to money-saving tips!

We understand the highs and lows of equestrian life so have designed a free resource to help you and your horse. Keep checking back for the latest news and trending topics in the equestrian world and our community.

Tips and tricks from horsey experts

Dressage Debunked with International Dressage Rider and Trainer Steph Croxford.

We are excited to introduce our dressage debunked mini-series. Created to help you tackle and perfect each dressage move; this week we talk flying changes. How to approach the move, common mistakes, and what to do when things go wrong.

Horse Health Advice

We’ve got a team of experts from vets to farriers, dentists to professional riders all sharing tips on how to keep your horse happy and healthy. Plus helpful advice on what do when things go wrong.

Equestrian Podcasts that Harry Hall love

We love a podcast at Harry Hall HQ! We’ve rounded up what we’re listening to at the moment. It makes the less fun chores like mucking out and cleaning our tack so much more fun.


Buck off Banter

The team behind Buck Off Banter (Katie, Karla and Christa) bring laughs and real-life tales to their entertaining podcasts. Topics covered include rider fitness, hilarious stories and solutions to riders’ everyday problems. A grassroots podcast with a loyal following.


The Countryfile Podcast

Go on a wonderful escape to the country with the BBCs best discussions of all things rural.


The Journey On Podcast

The Journey On podcast shares the story of Natural Horseman Warwick’s transformational growth in his horse training career and his personal life. Special guests join the show to discuss their own life-altering stories, sharing their motivations and influences along the way.


Olivia Towers Podcast

This podcast brings you the whole package, including Olivia’s personal journey in the sport – the ups, the downs and everything in between. She covers different topics in each pod and includes interviews with top equestrian athletes where they talk about how they have navigated a career with horses.

Hub Heroes

There are so many amazing and inspirational people in our community! Meet our latest hub hero Steph Croxford - International Dressage Rider, Trainer, Mum and founder of Shite Dressage United!

Your One Club helping hand

Looking for help, savings or more about the One Club community? Here are some quick links to send you on your way.

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Harry Hall have been helping horse owners for over 100 years. Here's how we still are.

Help & FAQs

Here for you with helpful FAQs, links to our policies and contact details.

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