T-Shirts, Polos & Base Layers

Our extensive range of high-quality horse riding tops has something for everyone. Keep it casual and stylish with our extensive range of polo shirts, tees, base layers and technical equestrian tops.

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Women's Horse Riding Tops

Our riding tops and horse riding shirts are designed to be worn both in the saddle and out, and cater for every climate and style. Whether you are looking for a casual and comfortable horse riding t-shirt for warmer weather, or hoodies, fleeces and pullovers to keep you protected and snug when the cold sets in, we will have it covered in our great range.

At Harry Hall we design as well as sell equestrian tops, and as horse people ourselves we know what you do and don’t want when shopping around. Consequently, you’ll find a range of features that work well for riding, including long sleeves and hems that won’t ride up your back to three-quarter zips, wicking fabrics, breathable panels, zipped pockets and more. We’ve some terrific colours and technical features, and our range extends from lightweight summer options to cosy creations that make stepping out on a chilly winter’s day that bit easier.

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