Over Reach Boots

Over reach boots help to protect your horse against possible injuries as a result of over reaching whether this be during exercise or whilst turned out in the field. Over reach boots are commonly worn for turnout to prevent loss of shoes especially in winter.

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Over Reach Boots for Horses

The Harry Hall range of over reach boots come in an array of styles and detailing including neoprene, faux croc and faux fur trim all with secure fastenings to ensure they stay in place, there is something for everyone. The Harry Hall over reach boot range includes sheepskin trim on some of the products to ensure maximum comfort for your horse as well as adding a touch of style and elegance to your look. Over reach boots come in packs of two. In additional to our standard over reach boots we offer a range of Hi-Viz over reach boots for your horse for added protection and peace of mind when out riding in low visibility conditions.

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