An extra layer of warmth that doesn’t restrict your movement is what makes a horse riding gilet an ideal clothing option for every rider. We have a fantastic range of ladies equestrian padded body warmers and waistcoats that come in a variety of colours and styles. No matter how many you own, there is always a case for adding one more to your collection this autumn, winter or spring!

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  1. Cavallo Damira Gilet Dark RaspberryCavallo Damira Gilet Dark Raspberry
    SALE - SAVE 22%

Womens Riding Gilets, Waistcoats and Bodywarmers

How did we all cope before the gilet was invented? Endlessly practical, versatile, flattering and stylish, our designers seem to have particular fun when creating our horse riding gilet collections.

We are proud of the gorgeous colours, on-trend design features and new technical fabrics our range incorporates. Whether you like something with a chic modern twist that would look snazzy on the high street as well as the yard, or something that’s just a snug, soft piece ideal for layering - our collection has everything.

Our equestrian gilet range has pieces to help riders feel smart, comfortable and safe - whether that means reflective prints, zip guards, stretch panels or seams and stitching that show your figure at its best, the possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for something bright, colourful and fun, or a more sophisticated and muted colour, we are sure you will find the ideal horse riding gilet here. All our women’s equestrian gilets are fantastic quality, durable and snug, providing the wearer with a close, comfortable fit that will keep you feeling cosy, whatever the weather.

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