Horse Clippers & Blades

Harry Hall has teamed up with some exclusive brands to bring you the best horse clippers and trimmers whether you’re the type of horse owner who clips all year round or just over the clipping season in autumn/winter to avoid heavy sweating during exercise. We have a selection of corded and cordless horse clippers dependant on preference. Keep your horse looking tip top with our trimmers which are particularly useful on manes, tails, feathers and neatening up around the edges!

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Horse Clippers and Clipping Sets

Keep your horses looking their best with our range of Lister horse clippers and trimmers. The Lister Liberty clippers are portable which means they can be used anywhere from inside the stables, in a field or at a show. With a battery life of 2.5 hours these Lister horse clippers offer consistent performance on the go and are great if your horse needs last minute prep on competition day. The Lister Legend horse trimmers are lightweight and durable offering a professional performance every time.

Make your horse sparkle after clipping them by using the lavender wash from our Mastacare horse grooming range. Grab a warm, damp cloth and simply cloth down your horse’s coat with diluted lavender wash. For advice on clipping, the right grooming products to use on your horse or how to care for your horse trimmers, contact the Harry Hall customer services team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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