Haynets & Stable Feeders

At Harry Hall, we are pleased to supply a variety of quality haylage, haynets, stable hay feeders and accessories for your horse, suitable for in the stable, on the move or in the field.

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Haylage and Haynets for Horses

Some horse owners may not put enough thought into choosing which haynets to buy, but picking the right one can be vital. Not only will it help you to save money and prevent wastage, but it will also ensure that your pride and joy doesn’t overeat.

When equipping your stable with the necessities required to care for your horse, a haynet must be one of the first items to put on your list! A popular new product in the range is the Masta hay bag - available in red, navy, or red and black, this must-have item is great for travelling, in the stable, or around the yard. Quick and easy to fill, small holes reduce mess and keep your horse occupied for longer.

In addition to the hay bag range, we have traditional haynets available in a range of styles to suit your feeding requirements. Perfect for when you are looking to feed your horse overnight in the stable, travelling to a clinic or competition, or wanting to keep them occupied while you are grooming outside, you’ll soon see how this accessory will come in very handy!

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