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We're delighted to announce and welcome our 2024 charity partner as voted for by you is SAFE; a small horse rescue charity, nestled in the heart of Berkshire. Their mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home horses that have been abandoned and neglected.

During 2024, anyone joining the Harry Hall One Club, taking out a new insurance policy or going shopping at harryhall.com will trigger a donation to the charity fund. There will also be the option for customers to make their own donation at the checkout.


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two horses grazing in the field

SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines

SAFE is a small horse rescue charity, nestled in the heart of Berkshire.  Their mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home horses that have been abandoned and neglected, focusing on the Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire areas, but also further afield. 

Their work doesn’t stop at rescue and rehab, they also lobby for change in laws to aid equine welfare.  Working with landowners and within the community to educate people and rescue horses. Nursing injured and traumatized horses back to health and partnering with local authorities, Police and enforcement officers to act quickly when horses need help.  SAFE are regularly contacted by concerned members of the public regarding horses they believe could be abandoned or injured.  Helping landowners when horses are dumped on their property, so they don’t face the exorbitant costs of equine bailiffs.  They also act on every report they receive, either being able to help the horse directly or guide the person on who best can help. 

SAFE have rescued and helped well over 200 horses that have come directly into their care, with the help of around 100 volunteers.  They have no paid staff, so every penny that is donated or raised goes directly towards the horses in care. Volunteers can gain mental health and fitness benefits.  SAFE believe in ‘People helping horses, helps people’.  All their volunteers acknowledge the benefit of time spent outdoors caring for horses, which in turn benefits the community.

How we help

When you shop with us, join the Harry Hall One Club or take out an insurance policy with us , we donate to charity every time.

two horses playing together

Courtesy of SAFE: Saving Abandoned Flying-Grazing Equines

Anyone joining the Harry Hall One Club, taking out insurance or going shopping, will trigger a donation.

We will also include an option for Harry Hall shoppers to donate to our Charity Partner at the checkout if they wish.

Chosen charity will be supported across our online and offline platforms.

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Our brand

Harry Hall is committed to helping others less fortunate than themselves and supporting the causes that are important to Harry Hall One Club members, customers and their employees. Our love for horses and the friends that we make along the way, for the team at Harry Hall and the One Club Members, this is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

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