Headcollars & Lead Ropes

Take a look at our range of horse and foal headcollars. We have a variety of designs that range from fabric to leather headcollar options, adjustable and padded. We stock horse headcollar and lead rope sets, diamanté head collars and comfortable leather headcollars.

Ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible with our selection of high-quality and durable leads and lead ropes.

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Our Foal & Horse Headcollar Range

Take a look at the extensive range of horse and foal headcollars available at equestrian specialist Harry Hall. We are home to top equestrian brands including Caldene, Masta, Tottie, Cottage Craft and of course Harry Hall. Our headcollar and halter range includes something for your horse no matter what your needs are.

Our horse headcollar range comes in a variety of sizes and colours, starting from pony through to full size, there is sure to be a headcollar suitable for your horse. The Caldene horse headcollar and lead rope set with super soft faux fur on the nose, cheek and head piece, offers comfort and pressure relief as well as preventing rubbing on your horse’s head.

The Harry Hall headcollar and horse halter range features adjustable headcollars which offer maximum comfort for your horse. The popular Caldene leather headcollar ensures you will arrive at competitions in style, as well as being durable and comfortable when worn by your horse for long periods of time. Our horse headcollar range comes in a large array of colours ensuring there is something for everyone; we also offer matching lead ropes for most of our designs.

Find a Horse Lead and Rope

An excellent horse lead should be comfortable for you to hold, made of great quality and able to withstand wear. We offer a wide range of colourful and stylish horse riding leads that can be clipped on to horse collars and bridles with ease. A stable essential, make sure you keep a few on hand for safety and convenience!
Available in a wide range of colours, we have a horse lead rope for everyone. You may find that our Cottage Craft Smart Lead Rope will suit you best - made from nylon with a silver trigger clip, it’s ideal for everyday use. Our Deluxe Lead Rope is also made by Cottage Craft but is crafted from high-quality cotton, with the addition of a chain between the rope and trigger clip.
Harry Hall is the official home of Cottage Craft, which provide an extensive range of stable essentials and horse riding accessories such as grooming brushes, saddle pads, stirrup leathers and bandages. Superior, durable designs mean Cottage Craft kit can be found in almost every yard!

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