Yard & Country Boots

Hard-wearing women’s equestrian yard boots are essential for general duties around the yard and will keep you protected, warm and comfortable when you are on your feet for long periods of time.

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Yard, Country and Stable Boots for Women

Few items of footwear work as hard for you as horse yard boots. We tend to walk a surprisingly long way in a day at the yard, plus there’s cold water and mud to contend with, not to mention the ever-present risk of being trodden on by a large equine foot.

Some of us are happy to switch boots when we ride, while others prefer to wear one boot which is suitable for yard work and riding. With multi-purpose footwear you need comfort, support and protection — and to look and feel smart too – which is why our collection includes waterproof yard boots that are functional and fashionable. Leather country boots provide water resistance and breathability.

Check out this wide selection of women’s yard boots available at Harry Hall. All the boots in this range are high-quality, sturdy and come in a choice of styles from leather, calf-length lace-ups to sleek, slip-on ankle boots. Choose from a variety of colours from black to brown or tan – and rest assured that each pair of ladies’ yard boots is comfortable, durable and stylish too.

Whether you are looking for something that is warm, robust and easy to wash off with a hose, or something smarter that you could wear over jeans for an afternoon out, we have equestrian yard boots at a price that really won’t break the bank.

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