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Discover our full range of fly rugs and sheets for horses and ponies, all of which are designed to protect your horses against irritation and stress caused by flies.

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Fly Rugs and Fly Sheets for Horses

As the weather starts to pick up and summer is on its way you can count on one thing, the flies start to appear! To some horse owners’ flies can be a real burden on your horse through the summer months, which is why we offer a selection of high-quality affordable fly rugs for full head to tail protection.

Fly rugs designed to protect

Fly rugs are designed to help keep your horse protected from insects and fly bites to the skin. You’ll find our fly rugs are made from quality, lightweight mesh that help to maximise airflow to ensure your horse stays cool in warm weather whilst keeping protected. Our fly rugs come with full protection with an integrated neck design, large tail flaps, surcingle’s or belly wraps for extra protection against flies.

Choose from a range or fly rugs such as the Vento Fly Rug, which is great quality at an affordable price, our favourite Fieldmasta Fly Rug with a clever waterproof section along the top or why not check out our Sweet Itch Rug . All our fly rugs can be teamed up with our horse fly masks for ultimate protection.

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