Equine Technology

We have some of the most innovative new technology available on the equestrian market for the modern equestrian rider to help make your life in the saddle easier and safer as well as supporting your body from some of the wear and tear that riding inflicts on the muscles and joints.

In a recent survey 86% of you told us you frequently ride out alone. BUT have you thought about what you would do should the unexpected happen? We know you love riding. It’s good for the body, mind and soul– but by nature, it's not without risk, especially on today's busy roads.

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Horse Riding Technology Accessories

From such products as the Stride Audio wireless blue tooth speaker that allows you to answer your phone and listen to music whilst in the saddle to Arc4Health a certified Class lla medical device that supports the body’s natural repair process. If you’re looking to sooth tired muscles and recover from a hard day in the saddle then look no further than the Epiony feel good therapy range. The best part is that the Epiony heat pad and the Epiony thermal massage wand are safe to use on both you and your horse!

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