Exercise Sheets

Our range of horse exercise sheets and quarter sheets provide warmth and protection for your horse from the wet and colder weather seasons.

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Horse Exercise Rugs

Masta have been producing horse rugs for over 30 years and are known for designing durable and technical horse rugs. The Masta horse rugs range includes waterproof exercise sheets so your horse can be kept dry and warm in the cooler months. There is a selection to choose from in our collection including a wrap around sheet, a quarter sheet with handy loop fastening and a Hi Viz version with reflective strips on the side, bottom and front of the sheet. We also stock our therapy quarter rug by Protechmasta. This horse exercise rug uses infrared technology which helps to gently warm up your horse’s back muscles to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

The wrap around and quarter sheets for horses are waterproof, breathable and come in sizes ranging from pony to full. These Masta exercise sheets can be easily removed without needing to take off your saddle and are lined with warm polar fleece which will help keep your horse warm in cold weather conditions. Reflective strips on our waterproof exercise sheets and quarter rugs mean they are ideal for use whilst out hacking, giving you an extra level of safety.

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