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Equestrian Clothing Brands

HarryHall.com is a one stop shop for all your equestrian and pet needs. Along with Masta horse rugs and rider wear from Harry Hall, Caldene and Tottie we also stock many other brands for horse and pet including Woofmasta, Cottage Craft, Protechmasta and The London Collection. Enjoy browsing your new favourite department store, all available at the touch of a button.

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  1. SB3 Solarium
    SB3 Solarium
  2. SB2 XL Solarium
    SB2 XL Solarium

    One Club Price £960.80

  3. Heavy Duty Tie Post
    Heavy Duty Tie Post

    One Club Price £243.96

  4. Stable Divider
    Stable Divider

    One Club Price £524.40

  5. Pack of 4 Replacement Bulbs
    Pack of 4 Replacement Bulbs

    One Club Price £39.90

  6. Extendable Wash Boom
    Extendable Wash Boom

    One Club Price £204.06

  7. Electric Solarium Hoist
    Electric Solarium Hoist

    One Club Price £204.06

  8. Coin or Token Operator
    Coin or Token Operator

    One Club Price £226.86

9 Items

per page
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