Riding Tights

Influenced by the sportswear market, our ladies riding tights are not too dissimilar to a sports legging, only with added equestrian details. Our ladies riding tights look just as good in the saddle as they do at the gym. Look out for our therapy and compression riding tights which can help to aid muscle performance and recovery. Each style is designed using quick-drying stretch fabric and clever seam construction to support you in all the right places.

Don't worry, lots of our range have a phone pocket too!

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Horse Riding Tights for Women

Riding tights have truly taken off in the equestrian world over the last few years, and that’s alright with us! As with any figure-hugging garment you need to know you are buying good quality fabric that not only gives, but doesn’t allow under layers to show through. Our range of ladies riding tights do not disappoint! There are several different brands within our stable - including Tottie and Caldene - plus we also design as well as manufacture our own goods too. We’re extremely proud of the diverse and exquisite range of riding tights in our collection.

Whether you’re looking for funky colours or plain, clever features and contrast stitching and pockets for your phone/ keys, we have something for everyone - we even have a pair of Protechmasta riding tights which use FAR infrared technology, highly regarded in the Protechmasta horse wear range.

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