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Horse Rugs

Harry Hall offer a range of cheap, durable and functional horse rugs from well-known equestrian brands. Available in a variety of weights, colours and sizes from pony to horse, there is sure to be a rug that meets your horse’s needs. We also offer personalised rugs to help your horse stand out here.

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Turnout, Stable, Fly and Waterproof Horse Rugs

Harry Hall’s horse and stable rugs range includes the leading equestrian brand, Masta. The collection has everything from turnout rugs to stable rugs, fleece show rugs, cooler rugs, fly rugs and other stable essentials to keep your horse comfortable.

We have a variety of horse rugs for sale to help you get through the seasons:

  • Colder months: Use a heavyweight rug, as this will act as an insulator by maintaining warmth while keeping your horse dry. A neck cover will be required in temperatures below freezing.
  • Warmer months: Swap your heavyweight rug for a lighter weight rug. In very hot weather, a rug may not be needed at all.
    • Flies can also be another common issue for horses, especially in summer, which is why fly rugs are recommended.

Here at Harry Hall, we have over 40 years in horse rug product development thoroughly testing each horse rug before it becomes available to our customers. Working with well-known equestrian centres, each horse rug is put through its paces to ensure it’s fit for purpose before being launched to market.

Masta horse rugs, are innovative in design and have been designed by horse owners for horse owners. The award-winning Protechmasta infrared therapy rug collection offers a range of benefits, including helping to gently increase blood flow and promote healing for your horse, encouraging healthy muscles before and after exercise. The Fieldmasta turnout rug range has a unique dome neck design, which helps to prevent mane loss by reducing pressure and increasing air circulation over the mane.

Everyday and show rugs for horses

Harry Hall has every type of horse rug for sale available to buy online. So, whether you’re looking for a smart show rug or a rug for everyday use, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive range of horse, stable, turnout and fly rugs. All of our horse rugs come in a variety of weights, sizes and colours too.

Show rugs are perfect for events to help your horse stand out from the crowd when appearance and performance counts.

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