Horse Therapy Products

Horse Therapy Products

The Protechmasta Infrared Range uses far Infrared radiation to gently increase blood flow, detoxify and promote healing for your horse. This is ideal for use before work to prepare the muscles for exercise, but most importantly after work, to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process of any damage inflicted. One Club Members save 30% on this exclusive collection. Click here to join the One Club now.

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  1. Protechmasta Infrared Quarter Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared Quarter Rug

    One Club Price £66.50

  2. Protechmasta Infrared Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared Rug

    One Club Price £84.99

  3. Protechmasta Infrared Fixed Neck Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared Fixed Neck Rug

    One Club Price £123.90

  4. Protechmasta Infrared 200g Stable Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared 200g Stable Rug

    One Club Price £137.90

  5. Protechmasta Quilted Saddlepad Black
    Protechmasta Quilted Saddlepad Black

    One Club Price £31.50

  6. Protechmasta Infrared Poll Guard
    Protechmasta Infrared Poll Guard

    One Club Price £17.50

  7. Protechmasta Noseband Guard Black
    Protechmasta Infrared Noseband Guard

    One Club Price £9.80

  8. Protechmasta Infrared Competition Poll Pad
    Protechmasta Infrared Competition Poll Pad

    One Club Price £14.00

  9. Protechmasta Silveraid Leg Wraps
    Protechmasta Silveraid Leg Wraps

    One Club Price £68.60

  10. Protechmasta Silveraid Boot Liners
    Protechmasta Silveraid Boot Liners

    One Club Price £24.50

  11. Protechmasta Infrared Travel Boots
    Protechmasta Infrared Travel Boots

    One Club Price £70.00

  12. Protechmasta Infrared Leg Wraps
    Protechmasta Infrared Leg Wraps

    One Club Price £52.50

24 Items

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Just like their owner, a healthy, comfortable horse is a happy horse.

And with our range of Horse Therapy products to soothe numerous common equine complaints, you can reduce stress and encourage relaxation in your best friend, as well as soothing or minimising injuries sustained during performance or out on a leisurely ride. Our range of therapy rugs is designed to enhance the performance and health of your horse. The Protechmasta Infrared Rug enhances performance through technology which delivers oxygen and nutrients to key muscle groups, at the same time as relieving stress and tension. Leg wraps for horses are essential for preventing or treating fetlock, tendon and ligament injury and encouraging healthy cell growth. Some brands also help to treat wounds.

Infrared saddlecloths and saddle pads gently increase blood flow to back muscles to help your horse warm up, improve his flexibility and help to prevent injury. Equestrian therapy brings together a range of products and techniques to help minimise stress and injury in horses and our range boasts the very best of these products. It is often said working with horses provides stress relief to humans. Our products help you care for your animal in much the same way.