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Infrared Leg Wraps

Protechmasta Infrared Leg Wraps use far Infrared radiation to gently increase blood flow, detoxify and promote healing for your horse. This is ideal for healthier tendons and ligaments. It helps to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process of any damage inflicted. Want to learn more behind the scienece of our Protechmasta range? You can out more here.

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  1. Protechmasta Schooling Boots Black
    Protechmasta Schooling Boots Black
    Was £78.00 Now £54.60

    One Club Price £54.60

  2. Protechmasta Silveraid Leg Wraps
    Protechmasta Silveraid Leg Wraps
    Was £94.95 Now £66.47

    One Club Price £66.47

  3. Protechmasta Silveraid Boot Liners Black
    Protechmasta Silveraid Boot Liners
    Was £38.00 Now £26.60

    One Club Price £26.60

  4. Ice Masta Therapy Boot Black
    Ice Masta Therapy Boot Black
    Was £115.00 Now £79.95

    One Club Price £79.95

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Horse Therapy Boots and Leg Wraps

Masta is part of the Harry Hall family and we’re pleased to present to you the award-winning horse therapy range Protechmasta. The range include horse rugs, poll guards, bandages and leg wraps that use far infra-red technology to gently and safely assist blood circulation. This natural process helps to reduce any swelling, ease muscle tension and support recovery and help in the prevention of injury. Protechmasta leg wraps are ideal for use on horses on box rest, when the hard ground hits or as a preventative measure. Infrared horse therapy is a popular method in the prevention of injury and are perfect when used regularly as part of a horse’s daily routine. The Protechmasta leg wraps have a ceramic infused lining combined with a wicking airmesh outer layer which helps to regulate temperature. They are ergonomically shaped and can be used on the front, back or all four legs at any given time depending on where your horse would benefit from FIR therapy. Protechmasta leg wraps can be used to assist circulation, reduce swelling, help to maintain healthy joints and ease muscle tension. For further information on Protechmasta please visit the Protechmasta leg wraps science page.