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Infrared Horse Rugs

Protechmasta Infrared Rugs use far Infrared radiation to gently increase blood flow, detoxify and promote healing for your horse. This is ideal for use before work to prepare the muscles for exercise, but most importantly after work, to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process of any damage inflicted. 

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  1. Protechmasta Infrared Rug
    Protechmasta Therapy Cooler Rug

    One Club Price £118.30

  2. Protechmasta Infrared 200g Stable Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared 200g Stable Rug
    Was £203.00 Now £99.95

    One Club Price £99.95

  3. Protechmasta Infrared Fixed Neck Rug
    Protechmasta Infrared Fixed Neck Rug

    One Club Price £132.30

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Horse Therapy Rugs

The award-winning far infra-red therapy range from Protechmasta includes therapy rugs for horses and is available from Harry Hall. The Protechmasta range includes horse rugs, saddlepads, bandages and leg wraps that uses far infra-red technology to gently and safely assist blood circulation. Protechmasta technology is a form of infrared horse therapy that is safe for horses as it uses naturally emitted far infra-red radiation to safely assist blood circulation, therefore, helping to ease muscle tension in the back, aid relaxation when at rest and help in the prevention of injury. The Protechmasta therapy rug range includes a standard neck rug, a fixed neck rug and a stable rug which all contain FIR technology and unlike magnetic rugs or massage rugs for horses the Protechmasta rugs can be left on while the horse is unattended during the day and overnight. FIR technology has delivered exceptional results for horses and the Protechmasta therapy rug will be a perfect addition to your everyday routine. For best results we recommend this infrared horse therapy rug is worn before and after ridden work where possible to help improve your horse’s circulation. This therapy rug for horses can be used all year round as the material has wicking properties as well as helping to regulate your horse’s body temperature.