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Horse First Aid

Browse our range of Mastacare equine first aid treatments. Soothe sores and swellings, prevent infections and speed up healing with our reputable collection of first aid kit must-haves.

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  1. Mastacare Pig Oil Spray
    Mastacare Equestrian Pig Oil Spray 500ml

    One Club Price £5.94

  2. Mastacare Udder Cream 450G
    Mastacare Equestrian Udder Cream 450G

    One Club Price £7.55

  3. Mastacare Antiseptic Scrub 500ml
    Mastacare Equestrian Antiseptic Scrub 500ml

    One Club Price £6.43

  4. Mastacare White Veterinary Wound Powder 100g
    Mastacare Equestrian White Veterinary Wound Powder 100g

    One Club Price £5.73

  5. Mastacare Herbal Skin Gel 500ml
    Mastacare Equestrian Herbal Skin Gel 500ml

    One Club Price £9.95

  6. Mastacare Natural Bute Substitute
    Mastacare Natural Equestrian Bute Substitute 1L

    One Club Price £14.90

  7. Mastacare Lavender Leg Ice 500ml
    Mastacare Horse Lavender Leg Ice 500ml

    One Club Price £8.11

  8. Mastacare Citronella Coat Spray
    Mastacare Extra Strength Equestrian Fly Spray Repellent 500ml

    One Club Price £8.46

  9. Mastacare Citronella Coat Spray 500ml
    Mastacare Equestrian Citronella Coat Spray 500ml

    One Club Price £8.46

  10. Cottage Craft Flex-Wrap White
    Cottage Craft Cohesive Horse Bandage - Flex-Wrap

    One Club Price £1.91

  11. Cottage Craft Flex-Wrap Pink Horses
    Cottage Craft Flex-Wrap Pink Horses

    One Club Price £1.91

13 Items

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Horse First Aid Products by Mastacare

Ensure you have everything in your first aid kit for when your horse needs care. Our range of horse first aid products are here to help support the healing of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and strains. Our selection includes purple spray, antiseptic scrub, veterinary wound powder and many more essentials.
So that you are prepared for any emergency, we offer creams, powders, bandages, dressings, wraps, gels, washes, wipes and sprays. We have a wide range of equine first aid products to help assist the natural healing process, which can be used on minor cuts, bites, sores and rubbed skin. Our products can also act as a barrier to help protect the wound during the healing process as well as being kind to the skin.
We also have a selection of lotions, creams and gels that harness the power of all-natural essential oils such as, comfrey, calendula, tea tree oil, rosemary oil and moisturising aloe vera extracts. Our range is continuously growing with every product, offering high-quality ingredients with your horse's well-being in mind.