Digestive Supplements

Mastacare is part of the Harry Hall family and we’re pleased to introduce horse digestive supplements as part of the Mastacare horse supplement range. 

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Horse Digestion Supplements

The Mastacare range includes products to keep your horse or pony in top condition, our carefully developed collection includes supplements for mobility and vitality, along with digestive and respiratory support. Our digestive supplement range includes Mastacare Mint Horse Supplement. Mint is a natural feed supplement to help maintain a healthy digestive tract in horses. Mastacare mint is a straight nutritional feed supplement to help maintain a healthy digestive tract for your horse.Mint can also be used as an appetiser for fussy feeders and can help to disguise the taste of medication and wormers.

This horse digestion supplement comes in a 600g bag and contains approximately 1 months’ supply for a horse and 2 months for a pony. As part of your horses normal feeding regime we recommend feeding this digestive supplement to your horse twice daily. This horse supplement can be sprinkled on top of feed or mixed in. There are over 45 products in the Mastacare range, including horse feed supplements to help improve joint, hoof and coat health. Mastacare has been developed by horse owners for horse owners.