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Joint Care & Mobility Supplements

Mastacare is part of the Harry Hall family and we’re pleased to introduce our range of joint care and mobility supplements for your horse. 

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  1. NAF Equestrian Superflex Senior 1.98kg
    NAF Equestrian Superflex Senior 1.98kg

    One Club Price £79.19

  2. NAF Equestrian Superflex Senior 660g
    NAF Equestrian Superflex Senior 660g

    One Club Price £27.89

  3. NAF Equestrian Superflex 1.6kg
    NAF Equestrian Superflex 1.6kg

    One Club Price £64.79

  4. NAF Equestrian Superflex 800g
    NAF Equestrian Superflex 800g

    One Club Price £35.99

4 Items

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Horse Joint Care and Horse Mobility Supplements

There are over 45 products in the Mastacare range that can help to improve joint, hoof and coat health. Here we introduce the Mastacare joint and mobility supplements which can help keep your horse mobile and in tip top condition. One of the Mastacare mobility supplements is Glucosamine which is known to help support mobility in horses. This is a complementary feed supplement for the maintenance of healthy tendons, cartilage and joint. Our mobility care range for horses has been formulated to act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C promotes tissue healing. This mobility supplement is ideal for the older horse to help support mobility, promote healing in the lame horse or as a maintenance supplement for the competition horse. The Mastacare mobility supplement range for horses also includes Cider Vinegar which can help maintain vitality and suppleness in horses. Cider Vinegar is a straight liquid mobility supplement for horses, it can also help increase appetite if your horse is a fussy eater.

If you have any questions about our Biotin horse hoof supplement, please do not hesitate to call the team at Harry Hall on 01274 711 100.