Saddle Soap & Tack Care

Designed to keep your tack in tip top condition, Mastacare tack care helps to soften and preserve leatherwork, while also providing protecion from further build up of dirt and grease. 

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  1. Mastacare Tack Cleaner 500ml
    Mastacare Tack Cleaner 500ml

    One Club Price £7.18

  2. Mastacare Soft Saddle Soap 500g
    Mastacare Soft Saddle Soap 500g

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  3. Mastacare Solid Saddle Soap 250g
    Mastacare Solid Saddle Soap 250g
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  4. Mastacare Leather Dressing 500ml
    Mastacare Leather Dressing 500ml
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Leather Tack Care by Mastacare

We offer a wide range of products, from soaps, oils, balsams or sprays, our varied range of leather care products will provide the perfect solution for you. Not only will our care products condition and enhance the look of your leather, but their tailored formulations will help preserve all types of leather for lasting quality. Quick and easy to use tack cleaner is perfect to keep your saddle or bridle in good condition to remain soft and supple. Saddle soap is best to be worked into the grain of the leather to condition from within the leather to stop it from drying out.

Tack cleaning products are essential to keep your kit looking at its best for years to come, from your favourite pair of leather riding boots to your horses’ leather headcollar. Mastacare Soft Soap can be used not only for cleaning saddlery but also other leather items such as, clothing, handbags, upholstery & footwear. Mastacare Leather Dressing is a traditional oil based leather dressing with added Lanolin, helps keep tack soft and supple and bring back to life tired dry leather. Helps to protect leather by acting as a water resistant dressing.