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Seasonal Essentials

As the dark nights draw in, field’s get muddy and the horses start moulting you know that winter has hit! Winter can be a more challenging time for horse owners so here are our top picks to help make winter that bit easier this year. From waterproof turnout rugs to stable boredom busters and must have stable equipment you can browse our winter essentials in one place.

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  1. Cottage Craft Medium Body Brush Mixed Bristle
    Cottage Craft Medium Body Brush Mixed Bristle

    One Club Price £3.83

  2. Hoof Oil Tin and Brush
    Cottage Craft Hoof Oil Tin and Brush

    One Club Price £2.86

  3. Massaging Body Brush
    Cottage Craft Massaging Body Brush

    One Club Price £7.79

  4. Royal Blue Hoof Pick Brush
    Cottage Craft Hoof Pick Brush - Blue

    One Club Price £1.19

  5. Neon Green DM Body Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Body Brush - Green

    One Club Price £4.49

  6. Pink DM Face Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Face Brush - Pink

    One Club Price £1.91

  7. Cottage Craft Large Haylage Net Blue
    Cottage Craft Large Haylage Net Blue

    One Club Price £9.59

  8. Cottage Craft Medium Haylage net Red/Navy
    Cottage Craft Medium Haylage net Red/Navy

    One Club Price £8.39

  9. Cottage Craft Small Haylage Net Pink
    Cottage Craft Small Haylage Net Pink

    One Club Price £7.79

  10. Arc Equine Complete Kit
    ArcEquine Complete Kit

    One Club Price £199.00

10 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

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Top Tip
If your horse dislikes the spray action on a fly repellent bottle try spraying directly onto your horses fly rug before rugging up or using a marvel mitt to apply the repellent, taking care to avoid the eyes and sensitive areas when applying to the horses head. 

There are a number of methods on how to make your horse less attractive to flies, some people find feeding garlic helps in keeping them at bay or the Bucas zebra fly rugs have been developed to confuse flying insects by breaking up the horses body shape with the striped fabric.

Top Tips: If your horse has been sweating from the heat or exercise try to remove as much as possible as this can attract files.

Try our Four step routine to keep your horse clean and free from biting insects… and smelling amazing!

1: No rinse Mastacare Lavender wash is perfect for giving your horse a quick wash over with no need to rinse – simply scrape of the excess water.
2: Follow with a spritz of Masta Care citronella coat spray, With natural ingredients like Tea Tree & Lavender Oils not only will it give your horses coat a healthy shine it leaves your horse smelling great!
3: Before turnout use the Mastacare Extra Strength Fly Spray Repellent to give your horse long lasting protection from flies, biting insects and midges. The water-based formula makes it non greasy and its DEET free so no nasty chemicals.
4: Protect the sensitive areas, fly’s are practically attracted to horse eyes so try and create a barrier. The masta fly mask is a great option as it has soft fleece binding and faux sheepskin to help protect your horses sensitive skin.