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Horse Tack

Ensure that you're fully equipped with the very best tack available for our Harry Hall horse tack collection, ranging from bits and girths to stirrups and leads.

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Horse Tack

Harry Hall is your online one stop shop for all your horse riding needs. Included in our extensive online range is tack, crafted using quality leather with designs for every occasion the Harry Hall horse tack collection ranges from browbands, bits and girths to stirrups and leap ropes. We offer high quality items in our carefully curated tack range so that you are fully prepared to ride, whether it’s a leisurely Sunday morning hack or a high-pressure competition you will be able to perform to your highest possible standard.
We have a large selection of stirrups in the Harry Hall tack shop with can be partnered with an array of different colour treads, so you can ensure your matchy matchy look is complete. There is also a large choice of stirrup leathers in black and brown as well as horse bits, martingales and girths. In the Harry Hall One Club you can save up to 30% off all tack items in the Harry Hall online shop. We use tack everyday so ensure your tack is in good condition by caring for your leather tack using Mastacare leather soap. Harry Hall offer a complete range of tack cleaning equipment from sponges to leather soap, we really are your one-stop shop.

To tack your horse safely and correctly start by grooming your horse to ensure you remove all dirt and sweat using a metal-toothed brush, once your horse is clean, place saddle pads and your saddle on your horses back, safely place the girth on top and ensure it's tightened properly, after that, all you have left to do is put the bridle on your horses mouth.

If you no longer have use for your old horse tack, you would be able to donate it to the RSPCA.