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Horse Whips

Whether you are out on a country trek, schooling your horse in the yard, or preparing for an event, our horse whips will enhance your ride and allow you to safely correct and train your horse.

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  1. Purple & Lilac Gel Handle Riding Whip
    Cottage Craft Grip Handle Riding Whip - Purple

    One Club Price £7.69

  2. Cottage Craft Rubber Braid Riding Whip Red
    Cottage Craft Rubber Braid Riding Whip - Red

    One Club Price £6.99

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Riding Whips

Essential for riders who’d like some extra control over their horse, our beautifully-crafted horse riding whips are designed to offer exceptional grip and superior comfort.
Our range of horse crops are made by well-known equestrian brands such as Harry Hall and Cottage Craft and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit all disciplines. We stock many riding whips, from classic general purpose and dressage through to showing and Hi-Viz whips.
Dressage whips are not only an effective training tool to help remind and correct your horse, but they are also ideal for the dressage rider to use during flatwork and schooling. Crafted from quality materials, they are very lightweight, comfortable and ideal for everyday use. Our Hi Viz whips are wrapped in reflective tape from top to bottom, giving you a higher chance of being seen whilst out on your horse in darker areas. Shop our wide array of whips and find your perfect one in just a few clicks.