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Horse Riding & Stable Equipment

We’re always searching for the latest innovations to bring you the best products. In our horse riding equipment and stable accessories collection, we present all of the essentials you need.

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  1. Sprenger Ultra Fit Spurs 25mm Anthrazit-61
    Sprenger Ultra Fit Spurs 25mm Anthrazit-61

    One Club Price £38.25

  2. Sprenger Stainless Steel Stirrup Pad
    Sprenger Stainless Steel Stirrup Pad

    One Club Price £20.88

  3. Sprenger Danger Pelham
    Sprenger MAX-control Pelham

    One Club Price £69.66

  4. Sprenger MAX-control bit
    Sprenger MAX-control bit

    One Club Price £57.15

  5. Sprenger Duo Bit
    Sprenger Duo Loose Ring Bit

    One Club Price £61.92

  6. Sprenger Flex Control Single Jointed
    Sprenger Flex Control

    One Club Price £79.74

  7. Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle
    Sprenger WH Ultra Snaffle

    One Club Price £125.46

  8. Sprenger KK Ultra Universal-Double Jointed
    Sprenger KK Ultra Universal Double Jointed Bit

    One Club Price £133.74

  9. Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Snaffle
    Sprenger Dynamic RS Loose Ring Snaffle

    One Club Price £111.60

  10. Sprenger KK-Ultra Baucher Bit
    Sprenger KK-Ultra Baucher Bit

    One Club Price £142.90

  11. Sprenger KK-Ultra Snaffle
    Sprenger KK-Ultra Snaffle

    One Club Price £101.16

  12. Barrier Revitalising Wash 500ml
    Barrier Revitalising Wash 500ml

    One Club Price £10.35

  13. Premier Performance Calming Cookies
    Premier Performance Calming Cookies

    One Club Price £10.00

  14. Barrier Heel to Hoof Cream 250ml
    Barrier Heel to Hoof Cream 250ml

    One Club Price £11.69

22 Items

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Horse Riding Equipment & Stable Accessories

From horse rugs and saddlecloths through to reins and bridles, our range of horse wear and horse accessories will satisfy both the everyday and competitive rider, whatever the discipline. We stock products from famous brands such as Caldene, Masta, Harry Hall, Cottage Craft and Tottie. Did you know all of these brands are part of the Harry Hall family?

Masta has over 30 years’ experience in making horse rugs that are designed to perform and last. We're proud to offer a wide range of rugs, including fly, fleece, therapy, cooler, stable and everything in between!

Have you seen our Protechmasta range? Designed using far infrared technology, our carefully crafted range of therapy products gently increases blood flow, creating a domino effect of benefits for your horse. This is ideal for use before work to help prepare the muscles for exercise, but most importantly after work, to help reduce lactic acid build up and aid the repair process.

Our horse accessories and stable equipment collection has been designed by horse riders, for horse riders and our knowledgeable customer service team are on hand to advise should you have any queries.