Horse Boots & Bandages

At Harry Hall, we are pleased to stock a fantastic range of high-quality horse boots. From our range of horse travel boots which are soft and supportive, to tendon, fetlock and overreach boots you are sure to find what you are looking for.

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Boots and Bandages for Horses

Harry Hall is an online shop where you can buy all your essential horse items. Our horse boots and bandages collection includes boots from well-known brands Caldene and Masta. All our horse boots and bandages are developed by horse riders for horse riders, we understand your needs and know how important it is to protect your horse’s legs. Harry Hall are pleased to stock a large range of high-quality horse boots including over reach boots, tendon boots, brushing boots, bandages and leg wraps. The range of horse boots also includes horse travel boots which are soft yet supportive to ensure your horse is protected while travelling.

Our horse boots range will have something for your needs from hacking to going cross country and all our horse boots come in pony to full size. The Harry Hall horse boots and bandage range also includes a large selection of fleece and therapy bandages in a choice of colours. Horse bandages come in packs of four and can be used to support your horse’s limbs when working, to protect while travelling or to help reduce swelling. In additional to our horse range of horse boots and bandages we even offer a range of Hi-Viz boots for your horse for added protection and peace of mind when out riding in low visibility conditions.

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