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Women's Insoles

Our womens sheepskin insoles provide additional warmth and maximum comfort and can be easily slipped into any riding shoe or boot.

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Sheepskin Insoles for Women

We know how important it is to look after your feet when out riding or performing yard duties. As all riders know, long hours in the stables, or out on country hacks can take their toll on your feet, especially under the balls of the feet where the stirrups sit.

That’s why having the most comfortable and well-fitting footwear is essential. We have used the finest quality, softest material for our sheepskin shoe insoles which can be cut to size for the perfect fit.

Anything that takes the chill off your boots or wellies first thing in the morning and that helps the feet to regulate their temperature has to be worth looking at and Harry Hall One Club members can buy our women’s insoles with the usual members’ up to 30% off.