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Women's Riding Fleeces

A women’s horse riding fleece is a useful and practical item of clothing to keep you warm and cosy on those colder days.

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Equestrian Fleeces

Whether you like a horse riding fleece that zips up or pulls over the head, the chances are you have tried or bought one in the past; they’re a great staple in any equestrian wardrobe. Few things are as comforting when the temperature drops as the luxurious feel of a soft teddy or micro-fleece.

An equestrian fleece is a brilliant item for layering over wicking tops and under waterproofs. Therefore, we offer you a range of styles and colours, always with handy pockets and easy-care instructions.

We design our own clothing lines and we know just what riders need; including good length hemlines so they don’t ride up, deep pockets and stretch fabrics. Check out our range to see which additional features you may like — a clever-zipped phone pocket, or one that is suitable for personalised embroidery perhaps?

And if you should find that the cat has settled down for a snooze on the fleece you took off while mucking out, well, take it as a compliment — and be comforted by the fact that it will wash like a dream!