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Womens Infrared Clothing

Brand new to the Protechmasta range and exclusively available at HarryHall.com... we're thrilled to introduce Protechmasta Clothing for Women!

Protechmasta far infrared therapy range features a natural ceramic infused fabric that emits and reflects far infrared radiation (FIR). FIR is a natural process and is scientifically proven to gently and safely assist blood circulation. In turn this helps to reduce swelling, ease muscle tension, support recovery and help prevent injury.

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Womens Far-Infrared Therapy Clothing

After reading so many positive Protechmasta reviews from horse owners on the benefits to their horses, we’ve nagged our lovely product team to make the range available for women too! 

The following benefits have been reported after using Protechmasta: reduces swelling; improves stiffness; aids recovery; eases muscle tension; relieves stress and anxiety; helps regulate temperature.